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How Does Coolsculpting Remove Fat?

On your first visit, Dr. Briones will consult with you about what you’ve tried in the past, and talk with you about what’s worked, and what hasn’t worked. You’ll discuss any ongoing or previous treatments and medical issues, and set weight loss goals together. “Losing weight is a process that happens in stages,” says Dr. Briones. “In the beginning, the program is very intensive but when people begin to lose a few pounds and start reaching their goals, they get very excited.” “My patients say I’m easy to talk with and approachable,” she adds. “When you have a passion for something, you do it well and that transmits to my patients. I see all my patients myself and we create a relationship.” A Medical Practice Dedicated to Helping People Lose Weight. Over the course of her medical career—which began in 1994 when she was an internist in New York City—Dr. Maria Briones has concentrated on obesity.

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